Welcome to the RSU No 38 Maranacook Adult & Community Education Site!

As an Adult Education director I frequently reflect on the complex educational needs of adult learners and what is required for them to flourish in today’s tough economic times. To be successful workers, family and community members, adults need access to high quality educational opportunities and experiences. Whether your dream is to complete your GED, high school diploma, prepare for college or take an enrichment class to stay active through the long cold winter, Maranacook Adult and Community Education is here to provide the instructional support and enrichment programming designed to meet those diverse needs. To assist you in these endeavors, I am joined by an amazing group of veteran adult education administrative and instructional staff who work closely with the local communities to better understand their unique educational wants and needs. Please call us to arrange an appointment to discuss your lifelong learning plan!

Steve Vose, Director, Maranacook Adult & Community Education